My son and even myself are big minecraft fans there is so much to do and there is always things being added from mods textures and world. On xbox one which we also big fan of you can put minecoins which allow you to buy worlds, textures, skins and more. Build a house or create a city there is no end to this fast growing game.My son who has been playing the game for 5 years can do alot from traps to using command blocks, he always find new things to do and never gets bored. This is a fantastic game and i highly recommend this and it is on my top 5

So i’ll start with a very good game which i really enjoyed. Overcooked2 was created by Ghost town and team 17, it was released august this year.I enjoyed the first game which came out 2016 and gives you coopertive cooking experience ,if you love cooking simulation games like i do and dont mind timed games this is a great game for you.as a overal google review of 96% im not the only one loving this game.Its packed with even more chiefs to unlock more restaurants to work at. images